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hey, good morning, everybody. we actually have not one, but two big reunions for you this morning. the cat and her family you just saw and then i love this one, the brother and sister who hadn't seen each other since they were little kids, look at this, 65 years ago, the last time they saw one another and how a tech-savvy 7-year-old made it happen. >> all with the help of facebook as well. i love that the brother brought his sister flowers. >> he almost collapsed when they saw each other. also this morning, a hollywood boycott. tonight is the golden globes. but there is more controversial surrounding oscar's best picture contender about the killing of osama bin laden. find out why some big name actors are telling academy members not to vote for "zero dark thirty." >> controversy brewing there. and news this morning on one of the most investigated crimes in american history. now comes word for the first time robert kennedy did not believe the lone gunman theory behind the assassination of his older brother jfk. much more on that coming up. we'll start with a look at the overnight headlines and as
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always we turn mr. ron claiborne for that. >> good morning, dan and bianna. we'll begin with the frightening scene in a movie theater in san diego. another shooting just six months after the tragedy in colorado but this time it was the police doing the shooting. i heard two shots, and i went to the floor. >> reporter: the audience at this san diego movie theater were there to see "les miserables" but instead, an intense real-life standoff played out before their eyes. >> we all got on the floor and then started heading for the exits. >> reporter: the dramatic ordeal began at 2:10 in the afternoon at a nearby marie callender's restaurant. a man with a history of domestic violence attempted to abduct his girlfriend at gunpoint. she escaped. and called the police and then the hunt began. >> he was armed with what is described as a handgun. >> reporter: 20 minutes later half a mile away a matinee for "les mis" was set to begin and the gunman managed to slip into the audience hiding among
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unknowing filmgoers in plain sight, but with the entire shopping complex on lockdown, the projector stopped, the lights came on and at 3:50 p.m. police entered theater number 9. >> they checked the back door, and it was locked but they didn't talk to us. i knew that wasn't a good sign. >> reporter: the police officers zeroed in on the suspect. >> begins to show his hands a second time. this time he's armed with a handgun. >> reporter: then chaos. >> the shots started, and when we all hit the floor and then ran for the exits. >> reporter: police shot and wounded the suspect and detained him. remarkably, no one else was injured. and the 20-year-old suspect has been hospitalized with gunshot wounds to the arm and chest. and families in newtown, connecticut, will begin discussing the fate of sandy hook elementary school today, the first of two community discussions scheduled for the residents of the town to share their ideas about what to do with the school.
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the shooting there left 26 people dead. it was one month ago tomorrow. tomorrow marks one year since the grounding of the "costa concordia" ship off the coast of italy. survivors and relatives of the 32 people who killed were there commemorating the anniversary. salvage crews say they probably won't be able to remove it until september. finally, there she is. ♪ >> your new miss america is miss new york. >> how about that? 23-year-old mallory hagan, miss new york defeated miss south carolina and miss oklahoma to be crowned miss america. she won over the judges by tap dancing to james brown, much like dan does, and with her answer to a question about gun control. one of those judges was our own sam champion. >> what are you looking for? >> he actually asked her that question. >> yes. >> that's why she won. >> that was sam. >> all because of sam.
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>> i think she won because she stole my tap-dance. >> that too, that too. >> thank you, ron. all right, now to the upside down weather going on from coast to coast. we've got record springlike weather in the east and arctic blast in the west. >> didn't even need a jacket, so what's going on? our meteorologist and birthday girl, i can say that on air, happy birthday, ginger. >> thank you very much. >> tracking it all. >> yes, i'm tracking it. let's get straight to that. forget about the birthday for now, because new york and washington, d.c., are going to be warmer today than los angeles and phoenix. things are flip-flopped and in the middle -- misery. temperatures transposed. record heat in the east, yes, that's tennis in wisconsin in january. >> it is really heavy. >> reporter: and in southern california, heavy snow plus wind so strong it slammed this tree right on to this guy's car. >> what can i say? mother nature took over. >> reporter: and in the heartland, there was sleet from oklahoma to st. louis.
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in louisiana and kentucky, dramatic leftovers from a day of severe weather chaos. >> our patio flew from the back and is actually in the neighbor's yard. >> reporter: that pile of bricks used to be a church in western kentucky. an unconfirmed microblast leveled it. >> i don't care if it is the middle of january. we need to get shelter. this is an example to make them understand it. >> reporter: and with the strong storms, too much rain. this morning, more than a dozen states from indiana to new york are either inundated or bracing for floods. one of those cities bracing for floods, flash flood warnings in nashville. you can see it fall from louisville to nashville, the 2 plus but locally 3 in some areas and the rain is behind it. it's not just arctic, it's, gosh, cold. these are actual morning temperatures, so windchills will be even colder. phoenix this morning, right at that freezing mark, and then all the heat, yesterday atlanta broke a 123-year-old record hitting 76.
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i think a lot of spots, new york today at 55. washington, d.c. at 62. will do that as well. we have fog to talk about coming up in the nation's weather but for now back to dan and bianna. >> all right. thanks, ginger. the latest on the deadly flu epidemic. those who haven't received their flu shot yet could get shut out. the vaccine is in low supply due to high demand, and the outbreak to so bad people are now going to great lengths to avoid getting sick. john schriffen is joining us outside a hospital in new york city with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. waiting inside an emergency room is probably one of the last places people would like to spend their weekend. that's why many around the country are taking extra precautions to avoid the flu, especially before heading out into popular public places. ♪ this morning, churchgoers across the country may have one extra pit stop on their way to the pulpit. many churches, like this one in upstate new york, hope to ward off the flu epidemic by
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installing hand sanitizers, cleaning the nurseries and wiping doors between each service. >> normally the door handles and those type of things might be cleaned once a week. they are now being cleaned daily. >> reporter: this just one of many precautions people are keeping in mind today as they head out to other public spaces. >> i kept a lot of hand sanitizer around. >> i make sure to wash my hands a lot. >> stay away from people that are already sick. >> wiping down the phones with wipes. >> keeping my hands off my face. >> reporter: some are trying to stay ahead of the game. people waiting in long lines, not for the latest blockbuster, but to get the flu vaccine. many pharmacies are experiencing shortages of the flu shot. in new york the governor has now declared a public health emergency which temporarily allows pharmacists to administer flu vaccinations to those between 6 months and 18 years old. is there enough to go around? we reached out to a popular pharmacy chain here in new york city and got this response.
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>> currently we only have the flu shots for the ones that are 65 and up. >> reporter: cvs dealing with the same shortage issues at some of their stores. >> today we should get in 30 doses at this location but that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> reporter: and walgreens say while selection locations around the country may experience the shortages, they are working as quickly as possible to restock every store. in fact, our own dr. jennifer ashton, when her office ran out of the flu vaccine, she got a new shipment within just a matter of days. dan? >> important to emphasize it is not too late to get the shot. john, thanks for your report this morning. now to allegations of hypocrisy and absurdity as the recovery from super storm sandy becomes a political football. this week after much delay koeng will vote own relief money for storm victims.
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but politicians from the northeast are outraged that republicans want to give them much less than they're asking for. abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some republicans are saying no so fast so for the third time, we'll hear heated words from northeast lawmakers when they take up the sandy bill. >> so bad. >> reporter: 2 1/2 months and the victims of sandy and their representatives have had enough. >> they have suffered long enough. they need to hear from their government. >> reporter: they are helping, but in chunks. congress passed more than $9 billion in aid a week ago. but the states and the president have asked for another $50 billion. instead, the house plan calls for just $17 billion for what it calls emergency aid. >> absurd, absolutely absurd. we demand nothing less than we have given the rest of the country. >> reporter: and surprisingly, some republicans who have opposed sandy aid are from hurricane regions. one from mississippi called for more help just last year for katrina relief but opposed sandy relief making him a target for
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skewering. >> many of my constituents in mississippi are still dealing with the effects of hurricane katrina. >> let's pretend instead of your constituents in mississippi, it's someone else's constituents in new york, and instead of seven months later, it's two months later. >> we sent them there to do the work for us, not to sit down there and play with each other. >> reporter: but republicans want specifics. we asked christie's office three times to explain their request. nearly $5 billion for housing. is that temporary housing, rebuilding homes or loans? and $700 million for what is called individual assistance. is that food, rent, actual payments or loans? christie's office has not answered any of those questions. the house is back in session tomorrow night. the real debate will happen tuesday. the vote is set for wednesday. dan and bianna. >> keep pushing for answers. thank you, david. sandy relief, just one of many
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big fights brewing in washington today. including gun control, the confirmation of chuck hagel at defense and the looming and unpleasant sequel to the fiscal cliff. here, the host of abc's "this week," george stephanopoulos who knows everything and can see the future too. george, let's talk about gun control. the vice president will submit his proposal for post-newtown gun control on tuesday we believe. it seems to be coalescing around cracking down on high-capacity magazines and also beefing up background checks on gun buyers. can the administration muscle those two things through? >> the white house also says they will continue to push the assault weapons ban but they know they won't get it through. lots of opposition to that. they do believe they can create a consensus particularly around this idea of background checks, universal background checks and the nra not backing down yet, though, which is also why the
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white house will look at executive orders they can act on on their own. tightening enforcement or gun laws. more data sharing for where sales are coming from and you see people like senator chuck schumer and the call for voluntary, big retailers to voluntarily suspend any sales of assault weapons while this is being debated. but, dan, you look since newtown and the two months since newtown, there's been a huge spike in the sale of assault weapons over the debate of whether or not to ban them. >> another battle the president is facing is the looming debt ceiling and paul krugman has been advocating the secure provision to mint an trillion-dollar platinum coin. the administration says that is not going to happen. the president is looking not to negotiate on the debt ceiling. >> the only option is for the congress to pass. no substitute for congressional action, but you see the republicans in the house are saying we're only going to increase the debt limit if the debt limit is met dollar or dollar for spending cuts. that is a recipe for stalemate.
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there doesn't appear to be a way around it and there's more stalemate. >> george stephanopoulos, thanks for your reporting. george, by the way, has a packed show with two powerhouse roundtables, "this week" coming up later right here on abc. george, thanks again. meantime, the golden globes are tonight and awards have been historically been considered a good indicator for the oscars, but a controversy is brewing over one of the top contenders for best film, "zero dark thirty." its director was already snubbed by the academy and some legendary actors are telling members not to cast oscar ballots for it because of graphic scenes involving graphic torture. abc's john muller is here with more on that story. good morning, john. >> good morning, bianna. there is no doubt "zero dark thirty" is the most controversial film of award season. now, opponents say it glorifies the torture of terror suspects and now some sources are claiming that argument just got some major celebrity backup. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> reporter: it seems like this one depicting the role of enhanced interrogation techniques in the hunt for osama bin laden that have veteran actors martin sheen and ed asner
7:14 am
reportedly joining the backlash against best picture nominee "zero dark thirty." >> i am bad news. i'm going to break you. >> reporter: sheen, asner and other actors are asking fellow academy members to send "zero dark thirty" home with zero oscars. >> you can't separate artistry and morality, and i hope that my fellow members of the academy will consider the morality of each nominee. >> the more people like martin sheen or recognizable names have become a part of it, the more it is on people's minds as they get ready to vote. >> reporter: on friday, the studio sony pictures jumped to the film's defense releasing this statement -- "zero dark thirty does not advocate torture. to not include that part of history would have been irresponsible and inaccurate." >> there are people who are very upset about it, and there are people who can't understand why anyone is upset about it at all. we go to a feature movie, we generally expect different things. >> reporter: the account of the decade-long man hunt directed by kathryn bigelow has long been plagued by controversy.
7:15 am
during production, congressional members feared how much information was given to filmmakers. >> to my knowledge i never received any. >> reporter: throughout the opening weekend fans and stars alike were greeted by orange jumpsuited protesters ratcheting up the fight that "zero dark thirty" creators won't wipe them out come oscar night. the issue is definitely causing people to take sides, film maker, politicians, media critics, even the acting director of the cia all weighing in. the controversy not hurting sales at the box office. it is on track to make $25 million this weekend. bianna, dan? >> that movie getting a lot of headlines over the past few weeks. all right, time for a check of the weather and back over to ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> good morning, guys. on the east coast not only will record warmth be the story but fog will create problems, less than a half mile in philadelphia. traveling by road or by air, i'd check ahead.
7:16 am
because from the carolinas up to maine, we have fog advisorieadv. a live shot. you can hardly see anything. almost nothing, this runway behind there. i would imagine some of the airports are going to have issues on the east coast, the cold, back in parts of the south and west is going to begin moderating toward midweek. phoenix will see a high today of 48, 50s into tuesday. salt lake city will moderate from 10 today to 26 on tuesday. i'll fly you across the nation, a little ice and some storms in the center here from tennessee through parts of alabama but other than that it's just all that warmth in the east. that's the big picture.
7:17 am
>> so again, we'll be following some of that severe weather potential. there's not a huge part, but right there in parts of tennessee and alabama, watch your local abc stations today. >> she keeps trying to change the subject from her birthday to the weather. really weird. >> we're embarrassing her. >> thank you, ginger. now to the cat with the astonishing internal gps. her name is holly and she got separated from her family while they were on vacation 200 miles away from home. what happened next was an extraordinary journey and an amazing reunion and here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the amazing story of a cat on a crusade. >> miss holly here snuck out between our legs and decided to see the world. >> reporter: back in november, jacob and bonnie richter brought holly along on a road trip to daytona speedway. scared one night by fireworks, holly ran away. >> we started looking for her right away. >> reporter: but daytona wasn't
7:18 am
holly's scene, so she apparently started walking headed south. of course, she could have taken a side trip to vero beach or maybe a quick detour to disney world. instead, this determined feline kept trekking. then a few days ago, she showed up in barbara missoula's yard within a mile from home and a whisker of her life. >> she was so skinny, so thin, bones and weak. >> reporter: missoula took it to a vet who scanned her microchip and soon a reunion. >> we opened up the cage, and holly climbed out and just went into his arms and just cuddled with him. >> reporter: in her two-month journey, holly clocked 190 miles. >> really unusual for cats to find their way home over long distances, so i think it's somewhat of a miracle. >> reporter: how many of her nine lives did this feline use pulling off this miracle? holly isn't talking. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> great story.
7:19 am
moving on now, sad news for nerds this morning. the white house formally announcing the u.s. government will not be building a death star. >> true story. by its own rule, the white house responds to petitions garnering more than 25,000 names, so when 35,000 people signed one to build a death star, yes, like the one in "star wars," the white house responded, and ron is back with this story. >> yeah, imagine this. despite the apparent enthusiasm of a whole lot of people for a death star like the one that galactic empire used to zap princess leia's planet alderon, the white house shot it down. it would add nearly a quintillion dollars to a federal deficit budget. the not long ago in a hotel ballroom not that far away -- an idea was born. >> we're watching a new online tool called me the people to allow americans to directly
7:20 am
petition the white house. >> reporter: it was a noble concept, the kind of thing obi-wan or obama wan kenobi would have thought of. >> help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. >> reporter: to go on to the website, and petition for change. if 25,000 citizens agreed, the administration would respond. but faster than a light sabre, people began petitioning for all kinds of strange things from recognizing ping-pong as a school sport to deporting piers morgan for his views on guns, but the most popular idea of all -- >> i have a bad feeling about this. >> reporter: a petition to, quote, secure resources and funding and begin construction of a death star by 2016. the reason? to, quote, spur job creation and strengthen our national defense. nearly 35,000 people went online and agreed, and the white house, true to its word, responded saying intergalactic domination probably isn't the best idea in the universe. first the price tag, a
7:21 am
budget-busting $850 quadrillion and second, the administration does not support blowing up planets. and the best logical argument? why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a death star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship? all politics aside, they do have a point. and the white house response came from paul shawcross, head of the budget's office science and space branch. he said despite the administration's opposition, we do have floating robot assistants on the space station and in his words a president who knows his way around a light sabre. and an advanced marshmallow cannon. who knew? >> safe to say a subject george may not discuss in his roundtable. >> he may. he covers a lot of ground. he may. >> i waited my entire career for
7:22 am
ron to say "alderon." i can retire now. coming up here, the conspiracy theory and learning robert kennedy did not believe a lone gunman was responsible for the assassination in dallas. who did he blame? also coming up. a brother and sister separated as children 65 years ago. how a tech-savvy 7-year-old got them back together again. and puppy power. one of the cutest things you will ever see. the puppy going down the stairs. who comes to his rescue? it's "fixation" coming up. ♪ you signed up weeks ago ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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he said he has someone new to send a christmas card to. he said he has someone new to send a christmas card to. >> such an incredible story. separated as children, a brother and sister are reunited after 65 years apart, and they have a little 7-year-old boy to thank for making it happen. find out how he helped bring an emotional and heartwarming end to a search spanning more than six decades, 65 years. truly just gave up looking for each other and lo and behold. >> i love this story. and we said in the beginning of the show, the brother almost collapsed the first time he saw his sister. that's coming up on "gma." also this morning, take a look at this monkey. this is slightly less frivolous -- more frivolous story. the monkey is playing around in front of a mirror. we're going to freeze it there. the monkey's reaction is hilarious, and we'll show you coming up in "fixation" from the sublime to the ridiculous. and now to the serious. first this half hour, it's a
7:30 am
crime that's been investigated and debated for half a century, the assassination of john f. kennedy. the official word that lee harvey oswald acted alone, but now for the first time, we're hearing that jfk's younger brother robert kennedy, the attorney general at that time, did not agree with that, and alex marquardt is on the story. >> remarkable revelation, a murder that's been studied more than any other in history, conspiracy theorists saying his assassination by lee harvey oswald was part of a bigger plot, and now the stunning assertion by a kennedy family member that robert kennedy also believed it. >> this single bullet explanation is the foundation of the warren commission's claim of a lone assassin. >> reporter: the 1991 blockbuster film "jfk" highlighted and fueled the conspiracy theory surrounding one of the darkest days in american history. >> if there was a second rifleman, then by definition there had to be a conspiracy. >> reporter: and now for the first time ever, we're learning
7:31 am
jfk's own brother and attorney general, robert kennedy, was "fairly convinced that lee harvey oswald did not act alone." >> the greatest strength to him to know that there were thousands of people all over the united states who are together with him. >> reporter: though rfk publicly supported the warren commission, according to his son, robert f. kennedy jr., he thought it was "a shoddy piece of craftsmanship." "my father thought that somebody was involved," kennedy jr. revealed to a dallas audience. "the evidence at this point i think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman." then who? when television suggested that the culprit could is been the mob or cubans, kennedy jr. added "or rogue cia agents." he also revealed his father put his own investigators on the case in search for the truth. >> i don't find them credible. it's been investigated, reinvestigated, investigated
7:32 am
again and again and again, and no one has ever come up with entirely credible evidence. >> reporter: and a new revelation about jacqueline kennedy. that image of her in dallas 50 years ago so iconic, kennedy jr. told the audience that after jfk's assassination, his aunt spent the next half of the decade mainly out of the country because she feared how dangerous it was becoming. as for why robert kennedy never voiced these suspicions in public, his son said that with the civil rights debate sweeping the country at the time, raising them would have been a distraction. dan? >> it's interesting to hear stuff about jackie kennedy. so fascinated with the family. alex, good see you in person. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. time for a check of the other headlines and for that back to ron. >> hi again, dan and bianna, alex, good morning. everyone. in the news new york state declared a flu emergency, latest response to the epidemic being felt across the country. today, many churches are taking
7:33 am
steps to protect members including installing hand sanitizers. former president george h.w. bush is back to his old self and doing fine. the 88-year-old has been hospitalized since thanksgiving with bronchitis and a lingering cough. he could be released from the hospital this week. a thrilling night in the football playoffs, the ravens stunned the denver broncos, tying the game with a 70-yard touchdown pass with just 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter. then the ravens won it with a field goal right here in the second overtime. and in the other game, the san francisco 49ers beat the green bay packers, 45-31. they advance to the next wound. the quarterback collin kaepernick ran for a record 181 yards a playoff record for a quarterback. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, keep singing, ron. we have congratulations in order too for folks in seattle. they broke a record. 6,000 tickets were sold and the biggest snowball fight in the world. they defeat people in korea. look at this.
7:34 am
that's nice. that's what you have to do to break a record around here, tow in 160,000 pounds of snow and do that. that looks like. they actually had a little snow earlier this week. places that will not be seeing snow but heavy rain, severe storms from mississippi -- strong storms, not severe but close. alabama, northern georgia, eastern tennessee and western carolinas. you know, all that warm air, you knew it wasn't going to last forever, and it's not, new york city tumbles to 43 after mid-50s, upper 5 >> this weather report has been brought to you by at&t. dan and bianna. >> thanks. coming up here on "gma," a brother and sister reunited after more than six decades apart.
7:35 am
find out how a 7-year-old and his ipad made it all possible. and don't look down. a nerve-racking stunt high above the ground when a young man uses a crane as his own personal jungle gym, true. coming up. >> yeah, and the bad idea category in "fixation" after a quick break. ♪ do you need anybody [ all kids ] twooooo! [ moderator ] you sure? i am absolutely positive! [ little boy ] two times is awesome. the thing i can do is wave my head and wave my... that's amazing. i've never seen anything like that. look i can do -- hold on -- i'm watching this. i'm getting dizzy... [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. doing two things at once is better. and only at&t's network lets you talk and surf on your iphone 5. ♪ music: "make someone happy" on your iphone 5. ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy
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♪ the story we've been talking about all morning, the brother and sister reunion 65 years in the making. they were separated as little kids, and yesterday, they saw each other for the first time. >> you see those black and white photos, and they have a 7-year-old neighbor with impressive internet skills to thank for their reunion, and tanya rivero is here with that. what a great story. >> it took a child to bring together two people separated as children and this story of intergenerational friendship and lasting family ties that will tug at your heart strings and
7:40 am
make you believe in the power of social media. >> real anxious. >> reporter: clutching roses meant for a sister not seen in 65 years, clifford boyson nearly collapses. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: when he finally lays eyes on betty billadeau. the brother and sister were separated as children. >> you're about the same height as mom was. >> reporter: they and their three siblings scattered among foster homes. >> i was 5 years old, so i don't think i knew how to count at that time, so i don't know how old he was, like 3 years old. >> reporter: betty and clifford spent decades trying to track each other down, but it took this 7-year-old boy to finally bring them together. >> nobody would help me until i came and met little eddie. >> eddie hanzlin is the son of clifford's landlord and said he just wanted to help his lonely neighbor. >> families are important. >> reporter: so he put his
7:41 am
online sleuthing skills to work. >> i went on facebook, and i typed in boyson, and there were a whole bunch of pictures that showed up, and one of them kind of looked like her, and i zoomed on it and it really started to look like him. and i showed it to my mom and dad. >> reporter: found on facebook living in missouri. one thing led to another, culminating in the tearful reunion in iowa on saturday. >> one thing he said is he has someone now to send a christmas card to now. >> reporter: now eddie has one final hope for his good friend clifford. >> he's never been on vacation, and i want him to go on vacation to disney world with me. >> reporter: but disney will have to wait. clifford's next stop is a visit to betty's family in st. louis to begin making up for all those missing years. >> that's just half of them. >> and after all those years on his own, clifford is thrilled to
7:42 am
learn he has a rather large family. his sister, her husband, several nieces with kids he can't wait to get to know, and as for little eddie, dan and bianna, he clearly could have a huge, huge future as a private eye, but he'd rather be a veterinarian. >> he is so cute. >> isn't he adorable? >> what a great story. he's the hero of the story. amazing. 7 years old. >> i sense a hollywood movie coming out. tanya, thank you. >> thanks, tanya. you made our morning. coming up on "gma," a little bit of a controversy involving the girl scout cookies introducing a new flavor cookie. we'll put it to a taste test. ron is working up an appetite coming up in "fixation." p an appetite coming up in "fixation." [ female announcer ] how do you define your moment?
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ our weekly hunt for exotic.
7:47 am
let's start with a video of a puppy and her first experience with stairs. this is a puppy named daisy. she's never gone down the stairs before, and the big dog, simon, well, appears to help her. here it goes. nope. she's still reluctant, but simon does not give up. oh, look at that. look at that, and it works. it works. simon coaxes her all the way down the stairs. it's incredible. now, by way of contrast, i want to show you how cats do this. this is a cat trying to go down the stairs and this is another cat. watch this. this is very compassionate. watch this. wait for it. >> all right. >> it's effective. it works. >> major study. interspecies study. >> all right -- >> from the -- >> guess what animal i like better? >> from the animal kingdom to the ukraine, natural transition here. how do you say crane stunt in russian? >> i don't know.
7:48 am
>> that's a tough one. >> well, anyway, check this out. this is a crane stunt translated into english here somewhere in the ukraine. apparently this is a popular pastime or whatever you want to call it, sport. >> yeah, something stupid. >> how do you say crazy in russian? >> around the world. >> the guy got on a crane and hangs with his arms and walking along with it, and he doesn't fall. >> makes it look easy, too. >> don't try it. >> ginger, don't try it. >> i will check that one no. i want to introduce you to dexter, the monkey. take a look at what dexter does when he sees his reflection in the mirror. wait for it. wait for it as his mirrors point to it. oh! who's that? he does that every time he goes by the bathroom mirror. he can't get enough of himself. >> that's how i feel at 4:00 in the morning. who is that? >> so i'm fixated on girl scout cookies. >> oh. >> they've got a new flavor, and we have girl scouts. come on in.
7:49 am
this is jordan, who sold more than a thousand boxes, 9 years old. really impressive. and victoria and dana, you are here to tell us about the new flavor. what is it? >> mango cream. >> in unison. i like it. what do you think? everyone will taste it. what do you think of the flavor? >> very tropical. >> very tropical. mixed reviews online, i heard, but it adds to the typical flavors we have, right? >> i like it. >> i like it too. >> people are saying they don't like this, huh? i like it. it's very good. >> there are others that i like more, though. >> uh-huh. >> thin mints probably. >> do you like it? >> i do. >> how is it selling? >> we don't know yet. our cookie season has just starting. >> oh, national girl scout cookie day is february 8th, though, so that's when we can all dig in. >> you'll sell 2,000, aren't you? is that your mission now? >> yeah. >> why are you setting the bar so low? 2,000? while ron double dips on the cookies, a quick break with more on "gma" right after this break.
7:50 am
♪ >> nice job, guys. thank you. >> nice job, guys. thank you.
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and as we celebrging and as we celebrate ginger's birthday, we want to remind you to watch "good morning america" tomorrow for a special announcement from robin roberts. she'll be joining the program live. we're very excited to see her tomorrow. thanks for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! we'll have much more later this morning on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> thank you. >> thank you for your cake. >> we leave you with the video
7:55 am
with the supreme "do not try this at home" act out of the ukraine. as far as we know, this guy survived. thanks again for watching it. we'll see you later. >> bye. ♪ 111111g
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, and welcome to "this week." america and the world. debating a new chief for the pentagon. >> chuck hagel is the leader that our troops deserve. >> this is an in-your-face nomination. >> ending the war in afghanistan. >> our troops will have a different mission. >> and starting one with iran. that conversation with senators jack reed for the democrats and republican bob corker, plus abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz and the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haass. then with the white house set to act on guns -- >> there's got to be some common ground here. >> -- we join the search for solutions with the new leaders of no labels. plus, the short strange life of that trillion dollar coin. >> we should have known a coin was the solution to obama's everything. it was right there in his slogan, "change." >> that and

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